Perfectly true my Hero

I love this boy. His smell. His voice. He is just the same as you and me but he’s especially different.

You may not understand this. It’s ok. But trust my words. 

He’s my hero. You know. 
He’s stronger than you or I.

In ALL ways.

He’s my hero. You know.

His genuine effection& love carries your heart for days. 

He lives each day as you and I have to …Yet he has challenges we don’t, that would irritate me& you.

This boy. He’s my best. My true hero.

His skin soft, just like his touch. Even his frustrated smackdown-hand ends with a gentler grasp.

Man, I wish I could save this hero. From the internal frustration that makes him dysfunction.

He’s so willing, so wanting to live in our daily conjunction.

My hero. I know you hear whatever we say. I know you want to say what’s in your heart. I know you long to shout your joy in words and I know it matters for you to share your part.

My hero. I tell you this. To me You shine so bright because you are so brave. You live in your life still beautifully glee. Smiling, laughing, bringing SO much us every day. Since you were born you couldn’t stop smiling. 

How cramped you must feel to not express your joy like we do! 

Your very essence is true to who you are deep inside & it’s that, that saves me, my hero lets play!

Your eyes see what others don’t. Your ears are intune for load noises it can’t cope.

Your sense of smell is beyond the best hound. 

And between airplanes and cars is where you’ll be found!  

You’re particular in ways and that’s ok. 

I know you are greater than you may think some say. Not because of this condition they label you in but because truly you were made perfectly within.

Perfectly true. Dear son of mine. 

You are perfectly true. 

My hero who captures my heart daily . When hard days fail me.

Your smile, your breathe. It reminds me of love. And I crumble because your touch as gentle as a dove 2 minutes before had smacked me or managed a hard shove.

A deep breathe I take.

Because your true you IS there.

So the choices we make, Helps us keep you there. 

You’re perfectly true.

Oh I love you boy. My Tate Boy. Thank you for blessing me with who you are. Your strength to cope in the world day to day,

Shows me the super powers you behold and the saving grace you portray.

My hero

My legend

You save me everyday .


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