Owning yourself 

It’s a difficult thing. Owning yourself.  
That term of ‘taking ownership’. 

In a difficult or precarious situation you find yourself in, you tend to disown yourself by letting go of who you really are by lashing out with anger, frustration, sadness, arm movements and tantruming (yes even at our age- come on now, let’s be real) This all manifests from the emotions fear, anxiety, shame, resentment, hurt, sadness, uselessness. 

As an adult we have had a few years of being able to learn how to overcome those emotions but on the flip side we have had years whereby life has had influence on us using them (emotions) more and more…. So this is where I find its really time to start taking ownership of who you are. 

You are quite capable. And God made us this remarkable way. That you can flip that brain from the negative to the positive reaction. Damn it’s hard!!!!! It’s a pure oxymoron. 

It’s hard (emotion) but it’s easy ( physical)

Example: A man bumps you in grocery store. You had bad day. You can (a) turn around and say …..£!€%<~]|!! 

Or (b) you can make CONSCIOUS decision to turn that around and say ‘ oh dear, no problem. You ok?Im alright’ 
Which one brought peace ?

Which one was harder?

Which one made that other person feel loved?

Which one would’ve robbed you for the rest of the day?

You decide. 

You start owning your decision processing.

You start trusting God to show you the good.


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