Life’s Too Short

Life’s waaay to short to be unhealthy. This is honestly a revelation that would seem barefaced to many but is infact truly blinding to some. Being unhealthy has been the worst thing for me. It’s easy but it’s ugly. It blindsides you.

This post only comes because I’ve been there, unhealthy. Half was not my choice because my of my auto immune disease and half because It was easier just just give in and make wrong choices when you so tired… See the perpetual cycle ?

So here is my advice on how to get ‘going’ with your health. This is especially for those with hypothyroidism or auto immune disease.

1- Get your inner body better

Now I didn’t say fixed. I said better. These are starting blocks. In order for you to start being motivated your chemical and hormone balance must be right or else you will ‘fail’ which in turn demotivates you. Get your medication right so that you have that positive mind even if just a little.

Am I making sense?

You see I knew I had to get healthy. But I kept failing. Kept breaking my own promises because I wanted to but was working against a physiological disability. Once I got that ( the medication)  right or even slightly right, I had energy to keep going and trying. And as I got more victories my physical and mental cheerleading team seemed to improve. Now there is no more perpetual cycle but a perpetual victory staircase. Each step is victory and each step brings new beginnings.

2-Find a cheerleader

Find your person that cheers you on. That you accountable to. That person must drop you messages, help you in research or motivate you to keep going . Someone who cares for your well being. That knows you before you were feeling like this. Someone who helps instead of draining you. This could be your doctor, your mother, your husband or your friend. If you get things wrong tell them and try again . Ps- you can have a few of these Angels .

3- Love who you are

Yoh! This is hard. But love the person you are inside and out, even if you loosing hair or getting fatter or depressed … Find yourself in the mess because once you identify yourself and YOU and not your sickness, you tend to WANT to make yourself better. Once you found the scent of who you are without the ‘bad’ you kinda fall in love with the genuine ‘good’ of yourself and in turn become less harsh on yourself and then, the more freeing your days become. Which in turn releases the right hormones and helps you get better and you choose overall-health over overall-giving up.

4- If you can, start a Precision Nutrition with Absolute Health. Good habits start with patience and good guidance. 


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