The New Year

{written on the first on Jan 2017}

As I sit this morning , the town sleeps… Perhaps still awake. One can’t help but wonder between the dreary eyed, foggie brain of a sleepless night; what’s next, what’s ahead, what is the next year bringing.

Those thoughts sit in my mind, daunting & full of fear. I suddenly catch myself in it all. The past year was not great, at all… At all.

There’s no use fearing. Gods not in fear. There’s no use wondering ahead to negative, there’s no fruit in that.
The truth is you don’t really know what’s ahead. You can’t do more new year resolutions there’s too much pressure.

So I realize and sit here in the peace that I must look up, look to truth, not towards fear. But to the good of the past, the heart of the future. Take those pearls and make a beautiful necklace. Take that strength gained from the last year and use it to to do brilliantly this year. That wisdom found last year, put to practice so you don’t go around the same mountain. So that you can encourage others, teach and raise up greatness around you.

Because then my dear friends the passed bad becomes good , great and worth it. You just gotto flip it and flip it good as one brilliant man once said xxxx