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I don’t want to write about this when I got it all figured out and I have had a year, heck, a month of proper sleep … I don’t want to look back with wisdom I have gained but lost the true feeling at the time.
I want to write while I am looking back on THIS day THIS month and go flip, I failed but it is a new day tomorrow and I have got to learn from this.
It feels more real, like my heart is beating with yours because maybe you can identify.
Identify because you are transparent- just like me. The one who is trying, learning, failing and conquering! HA !

Identify because maybe you feel just like me
Identify because maybe you nothing like me but you hear my words.
Identify because maybe you don’t have 4, 5, 6 kids but you feel like you do!
Identify because you do have 4, 5, 6 kids& part of your life is fine but another things you ARE finding difficult.
Identify because, YES, we are equal. We are all human (dammit really? I thought I was superhuman!!??)
Identify because no matter what, you ARE made to parent. To be counted on. To be a giver, carer, lover, provider.

Identify because you chose love.
Because that’s your path. You were blessed with kids whether biological or not you ARE a parent & you were destined to be. That’s your position.
So get real with me. We don’t always love our jobs & sometimes we stuff up. Like big time. God knows your heart though … So be kind to yourself and others like you and let’s get real.

I have had a journey to share.

That’s because God made us so awesome. Let’s be awesome.

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