Eat right

Having a thyroid problem is not fun on your body. It’s very demotivating & if you have an under active thyroid it’s harder to loose weight and stay fit.

This year began with a nasty realization that if my thyroid comes right, it doesn’t mean I loose the weight instantly ! Infact I’m going to have to work VERY hard at loosing the extra weight, keeping it off & then working with the fatigue and sluggishness when trying to exercise.
The best way I’ve found to do this (and I’m still learning) is to take it 1 step at a time.

So what are these steps?

  • Eat clean
  • Listen to your body as you make these changes
  • One week has 1 new goal. Don’t plunge in thinking you super women or superman
  • Drink LOADS of water
  • Choose an exercise schedule that links with your body and lifestyle
  • Be fair on yourself
  • Don’t look at others !!
  • Thyroid issues are REAL and it’s hard to get yourself back but not impossible

So I’m also learning to use these key points.  It’s hard with two young kids. But you HAVE to make tiny steps. You HAVE to start somewhere. Do it not only for your family but FOR YOU!



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