In-her Beauty

I will never ever forget the day she was born. There she was open to the love I have for her. Her skin pale and hair slightly orange with a curl to it. I remember wondering why she looks nothing like me. 3 years have passed and she is nothing like when she was born. Physically she has blond straight hair & blue eyes though she still looks at you with those knowing eyes. Internally she holds a key to such wisdom and maturity that even I get baffled by her responses. No matter what you feel on the day of birth; overwhelmed, scared, happy; nothing can prepare you for the ongoing attraction you have for your child. Each day an inner beauty is portrayed to you. Each day you get to have the privilege of getting to know this gift you received. The inner beauty they have is nothing like you could have ever imagined. Treasure those moments when they display their inner self to you. That vulnerable essence.