4 years in

Jono and I have been married for 4 years. Its been quite an emotional 4 years and now we are expecting our 2nd child. You know- when you find your love, the one you can’t do without because they are a part of you, it’s the best feeling on earth. It is true when God says 2 flesh become one. Because that’s how it feels. I love that you grow up together. (Lets face it, time is no ones friend when it come to aging! So I like to call it growing up, instead of getting old. )

I had this print made for him on our anniversary one year. I like it because it’s the pieces of our lives, past and present that come together with love and honesty. The rest of the prints details I am keeping to myself and Jono because its special but I thought I would share this because its a pretty cool print, made by his best mate.



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