Half way there …

I’m over half way through this 2nd pregnancy. It’s totally overwhelming but it seems so perfectly right. Quite an oxymoron! I’ve had a few melt downs. Sitting in tears because of the fatigue and stress& overwhelming emotions.

I know we planned to un plan it this way, but I totally see how the remarks of   “Oh my! You going to be exhausted for 2 years!?” comes into play. Thankfully most people then go on to say “They going to be best friends and once they older and it will be a breeze then” So I hold on to that and pick up my daily bread as I try to make each day through with a smile, cry or sigh of relief.  Jono has been amazing, I honestly am so grateful for him. He is so supportive and sincerely cares for everything I’m going through.He needs a reward.

I have linked this   which will show you the video of our boy at 25 weeks.

And here’s to creating a family! This pic made me laugh because its almost spot on in age between the 2 kiddies.


Photo source here.


2 thoughts on “Half way there …

  1. It’s going to be wonderful!!! Hectic at first but my second was born 2 weeks after my first baby’s first birthday, so I know where you are at… But it’s paying off now: they’re almost 2 and almost 3 and they really do play together so wonderfully and they’re never lonely. The benefits far outweigh the initial challenges. All the best of luck 🙂


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