DIY toys- Kids dig it


4 years in

Jono and I have been married for 4 years. Its been quite an emotional 4 years and now we are expecting our 2nd child. You know- when you find your love, the one you can’t do without because they are a part of you, it’s the best feeling on earth. It is true when God says 2 flesh become one. Because that’s how it feels. I love that you grow up together. (Lets face it, time is no ones friend when it come to aging! So I like to call it growing up, instead of getting old. )

I had this print made for him on our anniversary one year. I like it because it’s the pieces of our lives, past and present that come together with love and honesty. The rest of the prints details I am keeping to myself and Jono because its special but I thought I would share this because its a pretty cool print, made by his best mate.


Half way there …

I’m over half way through this 2nd pregnancy. It’s totally overwhelming but it seems so perfectly right. Quite an oxymoron! I’ve had a few melt downs. Sitting in tears because of the fatigue and stress& overwhelming emotions.

I know we planned to un plan it this way, but I totally see how the remarks of   “Oh my! You going to be exhausted for 2 years!?” comes into play. Thankfully most people then go on to say “They going to be best friends and once they older and it will be a breeze then” So I hold on to that and pick up my daily bread as I try to make each day through with a smile, cry or sigh of relief.  Jono has been amazing, I honestly am so grateful for him. He is so supportive and sincerely cares for everything I’m going through.He needs a reward.

I have linked this   which will show you the video of our boy at 25 weeks.

And here’s to creating a family! This pic made me laugh because its almost spot on in age between the 2 kiddies.


Photo source here.

Where has the time gone?

It seems like time, since being a parent, has just flown by. The weekends consist of baby sleeping routines and brief ‘awake’ times and before I know it, it’s the evening and I’m utterly exhausted!

I keep thinking to myself that this is a season of not much socializing or free open days to do whatever I want (IE-lie in and read a book or visit mates for long lazy lunches …) but none the less its a season I am grateful for and I know will end far too soon.

I am suddenly a family of 4 soon, when my mind is still at my wedding day!