Yesterday was a very hard day. I was feeling very pregnant and very heavy and I am only 6 months pregnant! I found myself having to sit down a lot and had an aching tummy. Not the sick kind of ache but the stretching and the burning kind. Like my body is adjusting to a growing baby.

Having a 9 month old to run after on top of my body radically changing once again, I have found myself in great fatigue and sometimes my body hurts. When I look back, I see and realise that I have been pregnant for nearly 2 years!

“Mad” I’m sure is the word you are speaking to the computer right now. But I will have to correct you in that. Though I’m sore and I’m extremely tired and now starting to feel incredibly heavy I am totally and utterly blessed! Knowing how privileged I am to be carrying a growing creation. Knowing that a life is made from my very being is beyond me in miracles and wonders. How truly privileged am I to say I have a child and it was formed in my body, from my husband and I and with some love of Jesus, I am baffled by the awesomeness of this miracle we call being pregnant.

So many people and friends I know battling to fall pregnant. They are in turmoil as they wrestle with the idea of are they or aren’t they going to have their own children. And I stand totally humbled as I am now pregnant with my second and to be honest I’m a totally gobsmacked.

I guess you don’t understand or find it hard to grasp, the whole idea of having a child. But my dear friend, I say to you it is one of the most beautiful things you can ever do. Because it’s not just about having a child, it’s about producing it (and that’s fun right?!) it’s about looking after yourself so you carry a growing child in you and that’s just the beginning of the story.
To look at their milestones and their personalities one finds it hard to see that they came from your flesh and blood. It is why I always say, how you can not believe in a Mighty God when you see the forming of your children through their whole lives.


What almost every parent experiences

This is a new week, it comes after a very hard and tiring week in hospital. Our little Hannah was admitted to hospital when we rushed her to ER due to a very high temp of 39.4′ for the second time. She was diagnosed with tonsilitis. We had a very bad experience with the health care in Umhlanga hospital. It’s a long story but it could have been avoided.

Hannah should have been admitted the day we rushed her to the Emergancy rooms but she was sent home with antibiotics. The next evening we rushed her back as she was just not getting that temp down neither was she keeping in her meds.

It was only the day after that, now the 3rd day of her being terribly ill, that she got proper care and medication in her. Yet we were in the hands of the hospital for nearly 3 days prior… Very bad if you ask me. None the less, 5 days in hospital, she is much better and is her smiling self again.

It’s the worst feeling as a parent, to experience your child so sick and you are helpless in the hands of strangers… All you want to do is take the illness and pain from them and take it yourself if it will free them from hurt. She was such a brave little 8 month old. We are so proud of her.





Below is our pediatrician Dr S. Singh who was our guardian angel – what an amazing doctor that finally took charge and helped Hannah get better after much disappointment with other staff and hospital systems. He has in fact lodged a complaint on our behalf so I hope other parents don’t get the same treatment.


And on the day we were discharged, Hannah was very happy to be disconnected from that drip!!!