The Count Down…

As the day of work approaches after being on maternity leave, I end it my heart aching and tummy anxious. Friday I start work and there is no turning back. The time with Hannah Mae has gone way to fast, she is so grown up already. Hannah can now roll over and can giggle and ‘talk’. She is strong and very inquisitive!


I truly have had too much fun with her. I love being a mom. It’s the best gift for me and I’m go grateful for her.


In all fairness I will be working half day for March month, so can still play and be involved with her daily…I’m not thinking about the full day months just yet….


When you know a person back to front and every details of them, there is a bond and closeness none can take away from you. It’s a special love. A love that last forever no matter what happens. The love between you and your husband and you and your child, is a very close love to the everlasting and complete love of Jesus Christ. Having a baby in your arms, you marvel at the miracle that God gave you to form in your womb and look after for years to come.


My cutie pie is cute indeed.