Love this..


Merry Christmas…


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

We hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and a fab 2013!

We’re excited for our 1st little Christmas experience with Hannah Mae. She is now 5 weeks old and just too sweet. She is a very chilled little lady and eats well and sleeps well-just like her mom! Though, she is looking like her father, when he was a little boy, even the hair color is the same as when Jono was small. Yes, Jono had fair hair when he was a little-y! Hannah’s eyes seem to be staying blue. Though you never know, babies change so much all the time.

I hope to be more up to date with the blog in 2013. Soon, we will get a SLR camera so picture quality will improve. For now, here is our little munchkin with her Christmas hat.

Love us xxx