30 Weeks

We are now 31.5 weeks pregnant and this photo above was taken at 30 weeks! baby is growing so fast now she is a whopping 2 kg’s already!!! Time is moving along far to quickly 🙂


Photos of spain series – Spain arrival

I think the easiest way of sharing this trip is by posting here and there the start to the end of our trip. In a Photos of Spain Series. Hope you enjoy them. Wow- I miss Spain. Truly love it there.

Arriving at Barcelona airport, exhausted but excited! Stace, Layt and the kids Kiara and Kyle walking with relief of finally hitting ground! This was the 1st time the kids flew overseas and the first time Jono had seen dads Finca (ie-name for a building that is not quite a farm and not quite a villa). And this was the 1st time both our husbands and Stace had been to Spain. It was quite an exciting time! I had told them of dads home and his building process in Spain for a while and FINALLY we all got a chance to see it together, a special and blessed trip for sure.

The arrival on the  spanish finca consisted of exploring the farm terraces and hills (photo below)

It is an 11 acre farm of unfarmed olive, orange, carob and mandarin trees. We also found ourselves absorbed in the beautiful view of the local village Benifallet. This is where by dad and Charlotte’s place is located but across the Riu Ebre from Benifallet. This is about an hour and half from Barcelona and half an hour from the coastline.