It’s a …

So most of you know we having a baby girl!! We are super excited. The animated baby picture is an example of what it look like at week 23.

They say ‘ Baby is approximately 28cm and this week begins the rapid growth of baby’s brain and brain cells which will ultimately control her breathing and all other vital functions. The pigment that colours your baby’s skin is being deposited this week. Your little one has a bit of a wrinkled appearance right now, as skin is developing faster than fat. You may be feeling more active movement lately, as your baby’s busy moving her fingers, toes, arms and legs on a regular basis.’


We are & now 27 weeks!!! So baby is the size as the picture below.

They say ‘Your baby is about the size of a kitten now and covered in thin, shiny skin. Did you know? Baby’s have more taste buds at birth than they do later in life as newborns are able to sniff out and tell the difference between their mother’s milk and someone else’s.’

1st Photo source from Zazzle.
2nd&3rd Photo source Your Parenting.

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