28 weeks 4Dscan

{Above: Of her face. sucking her thumb i think with left arm by her head} The cutest little thing. This scan really hit home and made this whole pregnancy more real. To see her face on a 4D scan is crazy. She kept her hand infront of her face until we poked her a bit … Continue reading 28 weeks 4Dscan


It’s a …

So most of you know we having a baby girl!! We are super excited. The animated baby picture is an example of what it look like at week 23. They say ' Baby is approximately 28cm and this week begins the rapid growth of baby’s brain and brain cells which will ultimately control her breathing … Continue reading It’s a …


A few weekend back, Jono decided to make his lentil soup into a lentil potjie. It was delicious after trying for the 2nd time (long story) Mom and Werner enjoyed it. It was a beautiful warm-nearly-spring evening. next time you all going to join us.