1st class

So last night we attended our 1st Antenatal class. It was actually so nice to meet other people of all  kinds of personalities who are all in the same boat. Most of the couples are a month or two ahead of us. Our friend Veronica and Andy are 3 weeks behind us, so we the ‘youngest’ of the group in baby growth. It’s all very interesting. Even the men had a fab time laughing and sharing. I think these classes are so important. It make you feel ‘normal’ and not set apart which really helps when you feeling quite different from your normal self.

Des Meyer is a funny lady and she really includes the guys with every detail which makes is all the more interesting, especially for them. The one guy, after des mentioned that we will have 500 grams added to boob weight, shouted “on each boob?!” So funny.
Not to mention how she explained whats going on with our bodies so the men understand why we wee so much and why we might complain on back ache or sore feet! So that communication is definitely such a bonus.

Highly recommend it! Oh and the serve the most amazing biscuits ever 😉


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