Hey baby …

Hello friends and family. Here is a 15 weeks photo of Bundle Of Joy aka BOJ. I have attached the scan pics for those who have not seem yet.

Scan pictures were at 12 weeks. You will see in the 2nd photo, our little BOJ thinks its on its fathers yacht already. I love that Jono has that way pf relaxing too-like father like … umm …  child?

We not sure of sex yet, not sure if we will find out. So watch this space incase.

We over the moon at this blessing and im sorry if i have been distant the last 3 months- it’s because I have avoided you all due to having to keep this hush until docs says all is ok. xxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Hey baby …

  1. THis is going to be the bggest adventure of your life sis! Biggest blessing & most preciouse gift! I LOVE my little BOJ SO MUCH already! Love, Aunty Stace


  2. So happy to hear good news! Having had a child in my 20’s and another in my 30’s it was easier when I was older, settled and relaxed. Unbelievably, we have been in KZN for over 18 months .. Gabi is keen to have a get together with KZN family for her 21st as her main party will be in Henley – will keep in touch. Congratulations from Ballito Brummers xxx


    1. Thank you Jackie!! Great to hear form you! It will be so good to see you all again, it really has been way to long! Let us know dates so we can try and make it! xxxxx


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