The Big Day – part 1

I was looking through our wedding pictures and I wanted to share some moments. Due to the sudden gush of wedding attendance we have had to do lately it caused me look back onto our special day. So many moments … If I could I would do it over and over again I would. Just to feel those moments.

Walking out as Mr. and Mrs. was a moment that I will never forget. The love of family and friends surrounding you because of this special day is such a wonderful and surreal moment. It means so much to know there are all those you love around you.

The one above is one of my favorite pictures. My younger sister Courtney looks like she is under water. (blonde hair) The curve of our jump shapes the photograph perfectly.

The girls walking down to the chapel. It was an emotional time because of various reasons other than just the fact that its my wedding! But I was so blessed to be walked with by my dearest and special 4 women. Not to mention the precious flower girls. I was so proud of Fin and Kiara, they look so young there compared to now, 3 years later.

My girls and my man! I love this photo! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

There was no mercy with the single women! They went for that bouquet with everything they had! This is a great photo of that moment.

I will definitely post more … for now these are a few of my favourite moments of our BIG day.