Its mid February already

Hello my family and my friends! How are you all?

Jono and I have had quite a rough 2 weeks. We were robbed and all our photo’s, including the ones to share with you, were stolen with the laptop and Chris’s camera. The door was somehow bashed and locked so cops had to kick the door down to open. We got a new door now and the window from downstairs has been replaced and we are fine. Then Jono got quite ill over the weekend and was man down for 2 days. But we are getting more settled now.

The great news is that we are getting keys for the flat we bought on friday! So we will be painting this weekend!

Other than that, we are sorry to not have pictures of Jake as they were all taken. I had so many to put up!

Luckily Stace has copies of the Spain photographs  so I will post some of those asap.

Its been a busy month of birthdays for everyone and I hope you had a great month so far. Lots of love, Debs xxx


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