Meeting Jake

One of the highlights of our trip back home was meeting our nephew Jake. We were back in South Africa on our way home and we stopped off with Taryn & Mark for a night. It was so wonderful to meet little Jake and connect with T&M. I wish we had a longer stay because I seriously did not have enough cuddle time with Jake. He is the sweetest and most handsome little boy. Truly such a joy.


Meeting the Cowden’s & Our flight to Barcelona

After our flight from Durban to JHB, we met up with the Cowden’s who were waiting for us at the JHB airport. This was such an exciting time because we were all wondering how the flight would be and what Spain would have in store for us. Also, Kyle and Kiara would be flying  far distance for the 1st time.

We decided to have a small dinner while we waited for our flight but to be honest the evening went so quick before we knew it, we were boarding the plane and settling in for our flight to Amsterdam.

We the had to catch our connecting flight to Barcelona in Amsterdam (photo above)

After a tiring journey, we landed in Barcelona (above) What a beautiful airport!

Finally, Dad on crutches met us with a warm welcome. We were finally on holiday!